The Consequences Of Poor Septic System Maintenance

The Consequences Of Poor Septic System Maintenance

You know your septic system requires maintenance. What you may not know is how destructive your septic system can become to the health and well-being of you, your family, and your community. Recently there have been a lot of reports in the news about failing septic systems in rural America.

In this post, we are going to touch on some of the news about the current problems around America’s septic systems. Furthermore, we are going to touch on the reasons, and what you need to know about prevention and maintenance. First, we will start with the news.

America’s Septic Systems In The News

The New York Times published an article in September of 2016 detailing a lot of the problems. The article, “A Toilet, but No Proper Plumbing: A Reality in 500,000 U.S. Homes ” makes it pretty clear that Alabama suffers greatly from these issues. The Nation also published an article titled “Dry Taps and Lagoons of Sewage: What America’s Water Crisis Looks Like“, outlining the same issues. A search on Google will reveal many more news articles about these problems.

Risk & Consequence

These risks include contaminated drinking water, damage to the ecosystem, and poisoning of farm animals which could then land on the dining table of an unsuspecting family. The consequences of contamination include disease and even developmental complications in children, so the importance of a functioning system cannot be understated.

Causes & Complications

The majority of these areas are stricken with poverty. These communities typically suffer from a lack of resources, and many residents lack adequate education about the risks to health. With a large portion of the rural residents of these communities being undereducated and underemployed, there is little understanding or resources to deal with these problems, so the problem has only worsened over the years.

Years of neglect under these conditions lead to the failure of drain fields and compromises the integrity of the entire septic system. If you can hardly afford to keep the lights on, you probably can’t afford regular maintenance, such as pumping. This leads to failed drain fields and then creates a system-wide backup, and the entire system no longer functions.

Solutions For Septic System Repair & Replacement

There is no substitute for hiring a qualified company to repair or replace your septic system. This is the only way to ensure residents are in compliance with local laws and regulations. This is also the best way to leave yourself with peace of mind. Hiring a professional septic system contractor ensures you will have a functioning and reliable septic system for years to come.

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The USDA Rural Development also has information about programs that residents can utilize to repair or replace their septic systems. This information changes regularly so you will want to check out their website for more information. You can learn more at

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