Resources For Low And Fixed Income Home Owners In Rural Alabama

We have been watching some stories in the news about failing Septic Systems in Rural Alabama. The story, ‘America’s Dirty Secret’: Lowndes County singled out in new report on high cost of sanitation, in particular, was written about the conditions in Lowndes County, Alabama. The combination of the economic downturn over the years and high poverty rates has left this community in bad shape when it comes to sanitation for rural homeowners.

Looking Out For Our Neighbors In Rural Alabama

Because we love Alabama, and our neighbors, we are providing some useful information to help some of the less fortunate in our community get the help they need. We all know what it can be like when times are hard, and everyone deserves to live in a healthy and sanitary environment.

We have dedicated a page on our website that will provide up-to-date information about USDA Rural Development programs. These programs could be a great help for some of our neighbors.

If you are in need financial assistance, please take a moment to check out our USDA Rural Development page. You can also find a link to the page in the sitemap, located in the footer of this website. There you will find information about the local office for the county you live in. We have provided direct phone numbers and office location to make an appointment or request further assistance.

Don’t Forget To Schedule An Inspection In 2017

We want to remind all of our readers to schedule an appointment for an annual inspection of their septic system. Preventative maintenance can prevent major disasters and the first step of preventative maintenance is diagnosing problems early. We also provide inspections during scheduled pumping service. We offer free estimates, and we are always available.

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