Drain Fields

A drain field also known as a leach field or leach drain is the part of your septic system that is used to dispose of the contaminants of your system. Occasionally the drain field will need repairs or replacements. Often times, when you have a malfunction it can cause a sewage back up in your home or a water backup in the field. There are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of needing total system replacement. Our techs are state licensed and trained to handle any issues you may have with all parts of the system.


When a drain field fails it is usually a result of the system not being pumped enough but systems do wear out over time even when properly maintained and can mean total replacement is needed; however, you may just need repairs. If there is a bad odor or sogginess in the field, it could be caused by a busted pipe or some other part that has broken or is malfunctioning. Total replacement can be very costly so we suggest scheduling routine cleanings, inspections and repairs with us as needed. We are trained to handle any type of repair your system needs.


Unfortunately there are times when the drain field will need to be completely replaced. Drain field failures are usually due to a clogged system from microbe overgrowth. It can also be caused from grease and solid buildup blocking the wastewater from separating properly. This does not necessarily mean that the entire system  has failed. There are different components that will occasionally need replacing such as the tank, pipes, drain field, etc. We are here for all your septic system needs whether you need inspections, cleaning and pumping, repairs or replacement. Call us today and let us assist you with all of your septic system needs.