Septic Systems


Our technicians will inspect your septic system to make sure it is in proper working condition. Inspections are helpful in catching emergencies before they become unpleasant problems. Inspections are needed once a year as well as before buying or selling your home.

Pumping & Cleaning

Maintaining your Septic System involves routine cleaning and it is essential that your system is regularly cleaned. Cleaning is needed to remove solid waste in your system and pipes that lead to damage. To clean your septic system we utilize a vacuum truck with an attached hose that connects to your tank and empties the waste. Waste that is not decomposed must be removed. Failing to do this will result in the system getting clogged. This can cause wastewater to back into the drain field ultimately costing you expensive repairs.

Preventative maintenance will remove sludge and grease buildup and help with the long term life of your system. Any septic system that is old especially those built with stone must be inspected before pumping to ensure that the ground is stable and that there are no repairs needed. During cleaning our techs will examine the tank levels, pumps and baffles as well as clean the filter.

Septic System Installation

Proper installation of your septic system is vital. A poorly installed system can lead to costly expenses later and can also be harmful to the environment. Our state licensed techs bring experience to installing new systems.

Sewage Pump Replacements

Superior Environmental provides top quality pump outs at affordable prices. Pump outs are done by our friendly and knowledgeable State licensed septic installers. We also perform a free check up on the health of your septic system. This identifies issues that could damage or shorten the life of your system. Occasionally a pump or a part will need to be replaced. We are here for all your Septic System maintenance needs and look forward to helping you.