USDA Rural Development

The United States Department Of Agriculture provides loans and grants through their Rural Development offices. These programs are made available for residents and homeowners that cannot secure funding through banks or other financial institutions. Information such as income, location and retirement status play a role in qualifying for loans or grants. We cannot guarantee that you will qualify for these programs. However, if you need repair or replacement of your septic system, these programs may be able to help.

Watch the video below for more information, and then continue down the page to find USDA Rural Development office and contact information for the county you live in. You can submit applications at the USDA Rural Development office for your region, or seek assistance using the contact information provided in the table below.


USDA Helps You Make Home Repairs


USDA Rural Development Local Offices


Please take a moment to read the USDA Income and Property Eligibility User Guide, and then find out if you are eligible by visiting Contacting your local office for complete details and assistance is the best way to ensure you are provided with all available the options.

For more information about Single Family Housing Programs, or to learn about other USDA programs, please visit their website,

We are providing this information to assist in connecting the people in our communities to resources that may help sustain or improve healthy and sanitary living conditions. Furthermore, we believe everyone should have access to the resources required to maintain a properly working septic system. We love our community and we know you do too, so we want to work with our neighbors to help keep Alabama beautiful.

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